RHYTTAC National Needs Assessment

RHYTTAC National Needs Assessment

The Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) is working with the Runaway and Homeless Youth Training, Technical Assistance, and Capacity Building Center (RHYTTAC) and Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago to conduct a National Needs Assessment. This assessment is administered annually to all Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) grantee organizations.  

We encourage grantee organizations to participate in this web-based online assessment. Your organization’s participation is voluntary but strongly encouraged.

Purpose of the Assessment 

The goal of the assessment is to identify training needs for RHY grantee organizations in a variety of areas and to assess the utilization and experiences with existing Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) provided by RHYTTAC.

FYSB will use the results of the assessment to identify priorities for TTA for the following year and how to continue to support grantee organizations in improving outcomes for youth. The assessment also helps ensure that RHYTTAC’s services best meet the needs of grantee organizations, leading to new and adapted TTA resources available to RHY grantee organizations in the future. 

To see a summary of the findings from the 2023 National Needs Assessment, click here. These responses directly inform the topics and types of Training and Technical Assistance offered by RHYTTAC.

Administering the Assessment

Representatives from grantee organizations complete the assessment using an online web form. RHYTTAC distributes a link to the web form to grantee agencies. Each grantee organization submits one National Needs Assessment. Otherwise, we would not be able to use information from multiple assessments completed for the same organization. 

Completing the Assessment

Representatives from grantee organizations will complete the assessment using an online web form. RHYTTAC will distribute a link to the web form to grantee agencies via email. Each grantee organization should submit only ONE National Needs Assessment. Otherwise, we will not be able to use information from multiple assessments completed for the same organization. 

To ensure the success of the assessment’s administration, grantee organizations should take the following steps before completing the assessment:  

  1. Identify a diverse representation of program staff (i.e., executive leaders, clinicians, program managers, and direct service staff) to participate in the process. 
  2. Schedule a meeting or plan to use existing meetings to discuss the completion of the assessment. Review the assessment questions found HERE.
  3. Share a copy of the assessment tool with staff in advance so they can familiarize themselves with the questions and come prepared to engage in the discussion about responses. You may edit the linked PDF and save it to share with others. 
  4. Provide consensus around how the items will be answered. 
  5. Determine who will be responsible for completing and submitting the web form for your organization.

Completing the Assessment

This video provides guidance for your organization in completing the assessment to minimize the burden and maximize the accurate reflection of your organization’s training needs. Representatives from the Chapin Hall assessment team was available to provide assistance at an optional TA Café that was held on March 27, 2024 to answer any questions and provide additional guidance to grantee organizations in completing the assessment. Watching the video is voluntary, as it is intended to provide assistance as you prepare for and complete the assessment.   

As you complete the assessment, you may save your answers and return to complete the assessment at a later date. If you do save and return later, please note the Return Code that you will be required to enter in order to take you back to the place in the assessment where you left off. If you do not enter the Return Code, you will need to start over.

Grantee organizations should complete the assessment
no later than


If you have any questions about the assessment including who at your organization received the live link to complete the assessment, please contact Amanda Griffin from Chapin Hall at [email protected]If you have any other questions, please contact RHYTTAC at [email protected].

  Last updated 3/19/2024