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The Runaway and Homeless Youth Training, Technical Assistance, and Capacity Building Center curates resources for RHY Program Grantees and organizations working with young people who have run away and/or are impacted by homelessness. 

Updated for 2024

In a coordinated effort to enhance accessibility and streamline support for the youth homelessness field, we are also pleased to announce the migration of invaluable resources from the National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families (NCHYF) to the RHYTTAC websiteNow, under the umbrella of RHYTTAC's repository of resources, users can expect to find the research, resource library, and screening tools previously found on the NCHYF site at resources.rhyttac.org.

This content library along with RHYTTAC’s eLearning and the Community of Practice will offer expanded opportunities for collaboration and resource utilization. Stay tuned for an enriched online presence and an even more comprehensive repository of tools and information. 

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Updated 4/8/2024