Subject Matter Experts

RHYTTAC utilizes subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist its team in providing high-quality training and technical assistance. These individuals are selected utilizing specific criteria. All SMEs are trained to ensure each can effectively respond to questions and needs posed by grantees. Selection criteria include but are not limited to:

  • History of working with RHY in community-based programs

  • Proven expertise in a specific aspect of RHY services (e.g., Street Outreach, Rural Services, Special Populations)

  • Availability to provide training or technical assistance that meets FYSB expectations and is in line with the program regulations and authorizing legislation

  • Demonstrated ability to provide culturally competent services

  • Ability to “connect” with organizations that provide RHY services in many different ways

These individuals are thoroughly vetted by RHYTTAC and approved by FYSB to provide specific services. Selected SMEs are recruited based on first-hand knowledge and skills. If you would like additional information and/or believe you would be a great addition to the SME team, please share your contact information and resume via [email protected] with the subject line: Subject Matter Expert.

Please note RHYTTAC SMEs may not participate in federal RHY grant reviews and utilization of SMEs is not guaranteed.