Recommended Internet Browsers

We recommend using the following Internet browsers to have the best user experience with Hopin, our virtual event platform:

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Using Hopin

Creating a Profile
All participants of the 2020 National RHY Grantees Training, will need to create a unique profile. Follow these instructions to create your profile:

1. Click on the link below (which was also emailed to all registered participants): 

Join the National Training

2. Click ‘Join Event’ on the Registration Page and create a Hopin profile. If at any point you would like to update your profile, look for your initials at the top right of Hopin. You can add your personal information and pronouns, or adjust how your name is displayed. 

3. Once your profile is created, you’ll have access to the 2020 National RHY Grantees Training space. Note: If you create this profile before the Training begins, you will not see the Training space.

Preview of Hopin
Curious what the virtual National Training will look like and how to use it!? Check out this Hopin video, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the platform.

Access the User Video


Joining the National Training
To join the 2020 National RHY Grantees Training, click on the link below (which was also emailed to all registered participants):

Join the National Training

Using Chat
Hopin’s Chat feature can be used to make comments and ask questions, network with other event participants, and access technical support. Chat can be found on the right side of Hopin, and is collapsible while in sessions. There are a variety of chat types available to participants, depending on where they are in the event platform. Participants can toggle between the various chat options (ex: “Event”, “Session” and “Direct Message”).
  • Event Chat: This chat is visible in all sections of the event platform and is seen by all participants. Use this chat to make overall comments or questions about the training or platform, and to access technical support. This chat is the National Training Information Center and is monitored throughout the event.
  • Main Stage/Session/Booth Chat: These chats are available when participants are in the Main Stage, a Workshop Session, or in an Expo Booth. Each Main Stage and Workshop Session will have its own unique chat. These chats are only seen by participants while they are in these sections of the event platform. Use these chats to make comments or ask questions on the Main Stage, Workshop Session, or Expo Booth.
  • Direct Message Chat: This private message chat is available in all sections of the platform and is only visible to you. Use this chat to network with other participants one-on-one. Connect with others by clicking on their name in any of the chats, or search by name in the ‘People’ section (on the right side of the screen). Moderators may contact you this way to provide individualized tech support if needed or communicate a message related to the training that pertains to you. You will know you have a new chat to view when there is a red dot on the Direct Message tab of the chat box.

Troubleshooting for Attendees

Check out the troubleshooting suggestions for using Hopin as an attendee for solutions to common connection issues like:

  • Trouble joining a session
  • Audio/visual troubles
  • Getting a 500 or 404 error message
  • Joining via mobile device


Troubleshooting for Attendees


Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreters will be available throughout the National Training. All General Sessions will include an Interpreter on screen. Two Interpreters will be available during all workshop and networking sessions, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To request a Sign Language Interpreter for a workshop or networking session, please make a request via the Event Chat at any point during the National Training. Be prepared to name the workshop title and session day/time at the time of your request.

Additional Hopin Support

If you have any questions about or issues using Hopin, connect with technical support by chatting us via the Event Chat.

Questions on the National Training

If you have any questions about the National Training, please contact RHYTTAC at [email protected].