Missed Opportunities: Evidence on Interventions for Addressing Youth Homelessness

To effectively address youth homelessness, policy makers and human service providers need research-based evidence to guide their decisions. New report by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, Missed Opportunities: Evidence on Interventions for Addressing Youth Homelessness, summarizes what experts learned from a rigorous synthesis of research evidence on youth homelessness programs and practices. This report looks at what interventions prevent youth homelessness, what programs reduce duration and effects of homelessness, and what efforts promote sustainable improvements in youth well-being. Some findings show hopeful signs and potential among key programs, but we still lack the insight needed to determine how to use resources most efficiently. By increasing investment in well-designed evaluations, we can identify and implement solutions that will bring youth homelessness to an end more quickly. 

This resource is eighth in a series of research briefs on understanding and addressing youth homelessness. Access the report here: https://www.chapinhall.org/research/voices-evidence-review.

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