FYSB Required Training

The Family and Youth Services Bureau requires training for all staff of RHY grantees. These trainings are outlined in funding opportunity announcements (FOA) for Basic Center Programs (BCP), Street Outreach Programs (SOP), Transitional Living Programs (TLP), and Maternity Group Homes (MGH). Many of these topics are addressed in the eLearning selections available to RHY grantees. Webinars, TA Clinics, and conference sessions are also designed to address these topics. Please consult the FOA(s) under which you are currently funded for the full list of required topics. The following is a sample list of trainings commonly required.

  • Aftercare services or counseling

  • Background checks

  • Core competencies of youth workers

  • Core support services

  • Crisis intervention techniques

  • Cultural and linguistic diversity

  • Development of coordinated networks of private nonprofit agencies and/or public agencies to provide services

  • Ethics and staff safety

  • Fiscal management

  • Low cost community alternatives for runaway or otherwise homeless youth

  • Positive youth development

  • Program management

  • Risk and protective factors related to youth homelessness

  • Screening and assessment practices

  • Shelter facility staff development

  • Special populations (tribal youth, LGBTQ youth, youth with disabilities, youth victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse)

  • Trauma and the effects of trauma on youth

  • Use of evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions

  • Youth and family counseling

  • Confidentiality policies and protocols

These topics are also in addition to any training areas required by your organization (universal precautions, confidentiality, CPR, etc.). Employee files should document that each of the required training topics has been addressed either via orientation or ongoing training opportunities. If you need help clarifying the required topics for your grant, contact RHYTTAC at [email protected].

Click HERE for a listing of RHYTTAC training available to meet FYSB required training.