Human Trafficking Webinars

Human Trafficking Series

In 2020, the Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) developed and released the Issue Brief: Human Trafficking Prevention for Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) Settings. This Issue Brief outlines recommendations to integrate human trafficking prevention into RHY settings. The recommendations were developed based on RHY grantees feedback (i.e., current practice perceptions on human trafficking prevention for young people experiencing homelessness and housing instability), existing research and resources, CDC’s prevention principles, and the RHY programmatic framework.

This three-part series will build on information from the Issue Brief to increase participants’ understanding of, and capacity to integrate culturally responsive prevention strategies into their existing programs utilizing public health, trauma-informed, and Positive Youth Development (PYD) principles. Topics include:

  • Part 1: Human Trafficking Prevention: Strategies for RHY Programs
  • Part 2: Technical Assistance (TA) Cafe: Sex Trafficking Prevention: Implementation in RHY Programs
  • Part 3: Technical Assistance (TA) Cafe: Labor Trafficking Prevention: Implementation in RHY Programs
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Peer-to-Peer Human Trafficking Recruitment in RHY Settings - A Trauma-Informed Response

This webinar explores strategies to prevent, identify, and intervene in situations of peer-to-peer human trafficking recruitment in runaway and homeless youth settings. Facilitators discuss the impact of complex trauma on youth and share practical strategies to address these situations based on public health, trauma-informed, and positive youth development principles. Objectives of this webinar include: 

  • Increasing understanding of the dynamics of human trafficking peer recruitment.
  • Gaining skills to identify indicators for peer recruitment and strengthen protective factors for youth experiencing homelessness.
  • Developing a comprehensive trauma-informed response to address peer-to-peer recruitment challenges in RHY settings.
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Labor Trafficking and Runaway and Homeless Youth Program

This series of self-guided webinars focus on labor trafficking and include definitions, scenarios, and in-depth explanations of what labor trafficking may look like within the RHY population. The courses are as follows:

  • What is Labor Trafficking and How Does it Impact the Youth Served by Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs?
  • Identification of Victims
  • What Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs Can Do
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