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RHYTTAC is committed to being responsive to the Family and Youth Services Bureau and to RHY grantees in meeting training and technical assistance needs. Training is developed and delivered based on Federal priorities and on grantee feedback and direction. If you have a training or technical assistance need, please contact training director Mark Wolf at or technical assistance director TC Cassidy at

2012 RHYTTAC Grantees Response Survey

In 2012, grantees were surveyed about their training and technical assistance needs and priorities. The results included:


  • Sexual Exploitation and Youth Being Prostituted (14.1%)
  • Effectively Approaching and Engaging Youth on the Streets (12.9%)
  • Harm Reduction (12%)
  • Domestic Trafficking (11.8%)
  • Risk Reduction (11.2%)
  • Trauma Informed Care (11.1%)
  • Aftercare (10.3%)
  • Positive Youth Development (8.4%)
  • LGBTQ Youth (8.4%)
  • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity (8%)

Technical Assistance

  • Evidence-Based Practice (51%)
  • Understanding Outcomes, Outputs, Logic Models and Evaluation (37.2%)
  • Improving Youth Outcomes (37.2%)
  • Building Protective Factors in Youth (34.9%)
  • Screening/Assessment Tools (34.5%)
  • Engaging Parents (32.2%)
  • Engaging Families (30.3%)
  • Employment Preparation and Maintenance for Youth (31.4%)