National Conference

2016 National RHY Grantees Conference

Changing Tides: Navigating the Needs of RHY

Tradewinds Hotel – St. Petersburg, Florida

November 15–17, 2016

FYSB and RHYTTAC is pleased to have hosted the 2016 National RHY Grantees Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. The conference began on Tuesday, November 15, at 8:30 a.m. Eastern and concluded Thursday, November 17, at 11 a.m. Eastern. The conference featured keynote presentations, updates from FYSB, regional meetings with federal specialists, more than 40 workshop sessions, poster sessions, a networking session, site visits, and a reception. To review details about the conference, please view the 2016 National RHY Grantees Conference program here: You may also review the videos of the keynote sessions by clicking on the links below.

Opening Session:

General Federal Session: (audio starts at 00:01:07)

FYSB Keynote Panel:

Closing Session:


Did you attend the 2016 National RHY Grantees conference?  If so, we want to hear from you.  Please take a moment and fill out the evaluation.  Your feedback helps guide training efforts for the following year - including the types of workshops, keynote topics and speakers, events, and more.  Complete the evaluation at:  The deadline to complete the survey is Monday, December 5, 2016.


To receive stipend reimbursement:

  • Agencies must be a current RHY grantee.
  • Attendees must attend the conference in its entirety (November 15–17, 2016).
  • Attendees or agencies must complete and submit the reimbursement form by December 16, 2016.

To submit a Grantee Stipend Request Form:

  1. Fill out the form provided in each participant bag, or go online to:
  2. Fax or mail the completed form, along with copies of receipts, to: 
    Fax: 502.635.3678 (attn: Tella Jones);
    Mail: National Safe Place Network, Attn: Tella Jones, 2429 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40217.
    Please note, forms faxed or mailed may take longer to process. Faxed or mailed forms are entered into the online form, and the person submitting the form will receive an email confirmation that the stipend has been received.
  3. Checks will be mailed after December 30, 2016.
  4. Under no circumstances will checks be issued to individuals. Reimbursements will only go to current grantee agencies.

Stipend Form requirements:

  • One stipend form is permitted per agency.
  • The maximum stipend amount per agency is $600.
  • The form must include the following: attendee(s) name, RHY grantee agency name and contact information, signature of authorized organizational leader (ED, CEO, COO, CFO, etc.), and applicable receipts for allowed costs (airfare, mileage at .54 per mile, taxi or shuttle, parking, baggage fees, and hotel costs, excluding incidentals). Food and beverage costs are not allowable expenses.
    Travel and lodging receipts must have a zero balance and include payment information.
  • Confirmation emails not documenting payment in full will not be accepted.

Per Diem Calculation — Federal requirements dictate that deductions be made from each participant’s per diem allowance for any meals received during the 2016 FYSB RHY Grantees Conference. The St. Petersburg, Florida, per diem rate is $114 per day for lodging and $54 for meals and incidental expenses. Please subtract $12 per person, per day, for breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and $13 per person for lunch on Wednesday. The maximum amount of refund each participant may claim for meals, for each person attending the event from each organization, is $42 on Tuesday and Thursday and $29 on Wednesday. For agencies that do not maintain a per diem policy, participants’ expense reimbursement for food purchased on cards, etc., may not exceed these daily totals per event attendees.

Social Media

Attendees shared their conference experience with the social media world! Check out photos, quotes, and videos by using social media to search for the official conference hashtag, #RHYConference2016. Questions about the use of social media during the conference? Please email