FYSB Required Training for RHY Grantees

The Family and Youth Services Bureau requires the following training for all staff of  Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) grantees. These trainings are outlined in the 2012 funding opportunity announcements for Basic Center Programs (BCP), Street Outreach Programs (SOP), Transitional Living Programs (TLP) and Maternity Group Homes (MGH). Many of these topics are addressed in the e-learning selections available to RHY grantees. Webinars, TA Clinics and conference sessions are also designed to address these topics.

  • Aftercare (BCP and TLP)
  • Homelessness and Poverty (BCP and TLP)
  • Case Management/Planning (BCP and TLP)
  • Safety Protocols (All)
  • Ethics and Boundaries (All)
  • Harm Reduction (All)
  • Crisis Intervention (All)
  • Trauma Informed Care  (All)
  • Positive Youth Development (All)
  • Basic Counseling Skills (All)
  • Healthy Sexual Behavior (All)
  • GLBTQ Issues (All)
  • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity (All)
  • Mental Health Awareness (All)
  • Alcohol, Drug and Chemical Dependency (All)
  • Bullying and Harassment  (All)
  • Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution (All)
  • Case Documentation (TLP)
  • Harm Reduction (ALL)
  • Risk Reduction (TLP)
  • Effectively Approaching and Engaging Youth (SOP)
  • Domestic Trafficking (SOP)

Please note that there are many topics, such as Case Documentation, that would be important across all RHY programs. These topics are also in addition to any training areas required by your organization (universal precautions, confidentiality, CPR, etc.) Employee files should document that each of the required training topics have been addressed either via orientation or ongoing training opportunities.