Tier 3: Intensive Technical Assistance


Tier 3 Technical Assistance (TA) provides extensive one-on-one TA services to grantees, as requested, to address specific RHY project development. Tier 3 TA services are ONLY available to FYSB-funded RHY programs.

Operational Definition

Tier 3 TA is delivered based on individual grantee need. The Regional Manager or Regional Federal Project Officer (FPO) may initiate a request for grantee TA. TA services and support at this level may also be a direct result of a monitoring visit in which the FPO documented compliance issues requiring a Corrective Action Plan. In addition, grantees can submit a direct request to RHYTTAC or their FPO for TA. A direct grantee TA request must be preapproved by the Regional Manager, Regional FPO, RHYTTAC FPO, and/or FYSB Leadership, depending on the circumstances and costs associated with addressing the need(s).

Delivery/Access of Support

Once approved, TA services and supports are delivered in a variety of ways, including:

  • Email resources, such as sample policy and procedures, to enhance on-site services and expedite the corrective action process prior to on-site TA delivery and/or provide additional support post-on-site TA.
  • Particular eLearning courses that are assigned to staff of the organization and/or program to be completed by a specific date.
  • Peer-to-peer connections (e.g. connecting the grantee with a grantee known to excel in the area being addressed by TA services).
  • On-site TA.
  • Follow-up phone calls and supports during the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) process.
  • Assistance with developing the written CAP.
  • Assistance with implementing the FYSB-approved CAP.

Finally, all TA services and supports originating at this level will include a formal TA report addressing all services and supports delivered as well as outcomes of such services. The formal report will be submitted to the RHYTTAC FPO, Regional Manager, and Regional FPO for review and approval. Upon FYSB approval, the report will be provided to the grantee and may become a part of the organization’s file maintained on GrantSolutions.

Requesting TA services and supports:

Request Tier 3 TA Support

What Grantees and FPOs can expect:

  • Upon receipt of a request for Tier 3 TA support, RHYTTAC to collaborate with appropriate FYSB personnel to review the request within 72 business hours
    • If approved, RHYTTAC will coordinate with the grantee and its FPO to develop a written plan to address the TA need.
    • If denied, RHYTTAC will coordinate with the applicable project officer to provide a rationale for the decision and identify alternative options to address the TA need.
  • Initial response to emails and/or calls within 48 business hours
  • Email or call to obtain clarification of request, if necessary, within 48 business hours
  • Resources and supports to be gathered and provided to requester within seven business days
  • Follow-up call(s) as needed—initial follow-up call to be scheduled at time of initial response via email or phone
  • Call with grantee 30 days post-receipt of final resources/supports to determine status/effectiveness of TA and identify any additional supports needed




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