Tier 2: Targeted Technical Assistance


Tier 2 Technical Assistance (TA) services address program- and region-specific (e.g., SOP, BCP, TLP, MGH, and demonstration projects) needs of RHY grantees. Tier 2 TA services are ONLY available to FYSB-funded RHY programs.

Operational Definition

Tier 2 TA is designed to build capacity of RHY grantees to operate the RHY programs for which they receive FYSB funding.

These services will provide grantees with the information and support necessary to fully comply with the program-specific sections of the Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-378) and the following sections of the RHY Final Rule:

  • Section 1351.23—Additional requirements applying to the Basic Center, Transitional Living, and Street Outreach Program grants
  • Section 1351.24—Additional requirements specific to Basic Center Program grantees
  • Section 1351.25—Additional requirements specific to Transitional Living and Maternity Group Home Program grantees
  • Section 1351.26—Additional requirements specific to Basic Center and Transitional Living Program grantees
  • Section 1351.27—Additional requirements specific to Street Outreach Program grantees

Delivery/Access to Support

These services and supports are accessed/delivered in a variety of ways to address the wide range of adult learning styles while also incorporating principles and practices of transformational learning. Delivery/access may include any single strategy or a combination of methods to increase interactivity and learning opportunities for grantees and/or members of the public accessing TA services:

  • Recorded webinars
  • Facilitated webinars*
  • Regional meetings
  • Pickup clinics (topical clinics designed to meet the needs of a group of grantees in a particular state/region)
  • Training of Trainer (ToT) opportunities
  • eLearning courses (webinars and self-guided, multimodule courses)
  • Community of Practice subgroups (e.g., SOP, BCP, TLP, MGH, demonstration project members)
  • Tip sheets, white papers, annotated bibliographies, and/or toolkits addressing a specific topic (e.g., opioid crisis, RHY-HMIS data entry by program type, positive youth development, trauma-informed care, etc.)

*All facilitated webinars will be recorded and posted to the eLearning portal so grantee representatives can access the information even if they are unable to attend the facilitated session.

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