Tier 1: Universal Technical Assistance


Tier 1 Technical Assistance (TA) is available to all RHY grantees, as well as affiliated professionals and interested stakeholders. It addresses universal RHY needs based on current trends and/or FYSB RHY initiatives (e.g., the RHY Final Rule).

Operational Definition

Tier 1 TA is designed to increase awareness of RHY, emerging RHY issues, and build understanding on how FYSB-funded RHY programs meet the needs of RHY in communities across the United States.

TA services and supports include informational tip sheets, periodic updates on the needs of RHY and trends in the RHY field, a supportive learning community, and training webinars posted to the RHYTTAC website. 

These services will provide information and support necessary for RHY grantees, stakeholders, affiliated professionals, and the general public to develop a baseline understanding of RHY. Further, this information will increase the capacity of FYSB-funded RHY programs to identify and serve RHY eligible for services.

Delivery/Access of Support

These services and supports are delivered/accessed at low- or no-cost, high-accessibility, rapid-response methods. Delivery/access may include any single strategy or a combination of methods to provide opportunities for self-guided professional development and knowledge sharing/transfer:

  • 24/7 access to eLearning courses. Email [email protected] to request access.
  • Community of Practice (CoP) access (exclusive to RHY grantees).
  • Resources posted to the website on a biweekly basis.
  • Social media posts and activities (Twitter chats, Facebook Live sessions).
  • Information sheets, annotated bibliographies, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, toolkits, etc.

Whenever possible, as approved by FYSB, these resources and supports are made available to the general public, Runaway and Homeless Youth Program Network (RHYPN) members, other Administration for Children and Families (ACF)-funded training and technical assistance providers, as well as RHY grantees electronically. Additionally, these resources may be printed in hard-copy format for dissemination at land-based events, including regional meetings and the annual National RHY Grantees Training.

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