Guide to TA

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RHYTTAC provides tools, resources and consultation to assist FYSB RHY grantees so that they may engage in continuous quality improvement of their services and build their capacity to effectively serve runaway and homeless youth. Technical Assistance services can include the provision of relevant resources; telephone consultation; e-mail exchanges; Community of Practice support; and, on-site assessment and consultation to address program specific needs. Technical assistance may be requested directly by a grantee or a Federal Project Officer may request RHYTTAC's involvement to support a grantee's effort. Technical Assistance is not and should not be viewed as negative. Each program can learn from others and as research changes our focus and the tools available to us - we have even more to learn.

Technical Assistance Clinics - The RHYTTAC calendar includes dates for Technical Assistance Clinics. These regionally based events provide the opportunity for participants to come together to address issues identified by the field and by Federal Project Officers. There are 2 types of TA Clinics.

Topic Clinics - These one or two day sessions specifically focus on a topic important to grantees. The event features a mixture of presentation from a RHYTTAC staff member and/or subject matter expert as well as time for participants to work together and create action plans related to the specific topic of focus.

Ignite Model Clinics - These 1.5 day sessions are facilitated by RHYTTAC staff but driven entirely by the participants present. Organizations registering for these events are expected to prepare short (5 - 10 minutes) presentations regarding the aspects of RHY services that are most challenging to the organization along with a brief overview of what they have tried to address each challenge. All atending organizations then prioritize the list of challenges and create recommended solutions for programs. These sessions are highly interactive and participants are encouraged to bring materials for review and discussion.