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New Handbook on Rapid Re-housing for Youth

Point Source Youth recently released a comprehensive guide on using rapid re-housing approaches with youth. The handbook includes lessons learned by youth-serving organizations that employ the model, sample materials and planning tools, and discussion about how rapid re-housing approaches address social inequities. There is also a series of related video shorts on the organization’s website. RHY providers can use this information to expand existing programs, and explore new ways of engaging landlords in their own communities. Download the handbook.


Link: https://www.pointsourceyouth.org/rapid-rehousing/



Planning for Re-entry with Young People Leaving Detention

This guide, from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs, is written for young people who are preparing to re-enter their community after long stays in juvenile corrections or treatment centers. The report tells young people about some of the challenges they may face, and prompts them to identify strategies for finding housing, education, and employment. RHY providers can share this guide with young people before their release, or with RHY who have a history of juvenile detention. Read the guide.

Link: https://www.ojjdp.gov/pubs/251193.pdf



Free Webinars from National Center for Homeless Education

NCHE recently updated its calendar of live webinars scheduled for January-April 2019. Though a primary focus of these webinars is understanding young people’s rights and services under McKinney-Vento, the current list also includes sessions on overcoming barriers to college attendance for RHY, and how to know when “doubled up” meets or does not meet McKinney-Vento eligibility criteria. More information and registration.

Link: https://nche.ed.gov/group-training/





Communicating Strategically to Win Support

Social scientists have an increasing understanding of what types of communication effectively change the ways people think and behave. This article from Stanford Social Innovation Review describes five strategies for improving how social service programs communicate about their work, and tips for applying each approach. RHY providers can use these strategies with young people, prospective partners, volunteers and donors to grow stakeholder support. Read the article.

Link: https://ssir.org/articles/entry/the_science_of_what_makes_people_care#



How to Boost Social Emotional Learning in Youth Programs

This comprehensive report, released by Susan Crown Exchange in November 2018, describes efforts to implement social emotional learning (SEL) initiatives in three national out-of-school time settings. Written as a series of case studies, the report describes lessons learned by youth-serving organizations as they implemented SEL with staff and program participants. RHY providers can use this resource to increase staff’s understanding of SEL, and as a guide for planning SEL-related program improvements. Read the report at


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