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Child Abuse Awareness: Pediatric Abuse Head Trauma

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and RHYTTAC wanted to share information with grantees that can be shared among youth and families. The first one focuses on Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma (PAHT) a.k.a Shaken Baby Syndrome. The information in the tip sheet comes from Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky and some information from the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome.


Protective Factors

In 2012, the Developmental Services Group, Inc. (DSG) was awarded a contract by the Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF) to review the research on protective factors relevant to the populations they serve, which include:

  • infants, children, and adolescents who are victims or are at risk of child abuse and neglect
  • runaway and homeless youth
  • youth in or transitioning out of foster care
  • children and youth exposed to domestic violence
  • pregnant and parenting teens

The purpose of this effort was to provide a foundation for the development of a protective factors framework that could inform programs and policy to improve outcomes for these populations. The effort included both an extensive review of the research literature on protective factors and substantive input from a national expert panel, federal agency officials, and practitioners working with the ACYF population groups.

Please follow the link to access the paper with the appendices. This link is shared with permission from DSG, Inc.


Recognizing and Responding to Substance Abuse

This document is additional information, articles, links to resources related to those highlighted in the Recognizing and Responding to Substance Abuse recorded webinar.


Intake and Assessments

This document contains links and abstracts for the information and resources highlighted in the Intake and Assessment webinar. We encourage you to access the full webinar through RHYTTAC's eLearning link.


Incidence and Vulnerability of LGBTQ Homeless Youth

This 2009 report from the National Alliance to End Homelessness addresses the incidence of homelessness and its risks among LGBTQ youth.

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