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Q&A: Youth Voice and Ramping Up Solutions

The Chronicle of Social Change interviewed Larry Cohen, director at Point Source Youth and organizer of the third National Symposium to End Youth Homelessness which occurred recently in NYC. Cohen explains how the HIV/AIDS movement informed his approach to tackling homelessness among unaccompanied youth, particularly among populations that are disproportionately affected. Additionally, the interview describes why and how the Symposium spotlights young people with lived experience, attracts not just providers but also funders and government officials, and adopts a celebratory tone.

Access the full interview at https://chronicleofsocialchange.org/news-2/domonique-jackson-keynoted-youth-homelessness-convening/35815


Washington State Initiatives Engage RHY Across Programs

A Youth Today report describes two new programs in WA taking a new approach to case management that isn’t tied to any one program or agency. Permanency Navigators serve youth as they enter and exit different shelters, programs and state systems. Youth Engagement Teams also find and support host homes for youth under 18. They pay small stipends, offer legal aid, and troubleshoot conflicts between hosts and RHY. Both programs attempt to build stability for youth who bounce from bed to couch to bed because of shelter stay limits and lack of affordable permanent housing options.

Read the full article at https://youthtoday.org/2019/06/washington-state-tries-host-homes-permanency-navigators-for-homeless-teens/


Finland and Housing First

Finland is a leader in the “housing first” approach to addressing chronic homelessness—a model that provides immediate housing to those in need with few to no conditions—and has reduced long-term homelessness by 35 percent over the past decade. A recent article in The Guardian describes why housing first works well in Finland, and how broader housing policies affect the ability to implement this proven cost-effective approach.

Learn more about Finland’s approach at https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/jun/03/its-a-miracle-helsinkis-radical-solution-to-homelessness


Colleges Take Steps to Assist Homeless Students

Recent news in USA Today describes the experiences of young people who become homeless while attending four-year colleges, and how schools are responding. In addition to advocating for funding to meet students’ basic needs while attending state schools, colleges are taking short-term steps—for example, designating parking lots where youth can safely sleep in their cars; connecting students with host homes; opening dorms during school breaks; and allowing students to live in unoccupied dorm rooms at nearby colleges.

Explore strategies at https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/06/10/homelessness-among-college-students-growing-crisis/3747117002/


Benefits of Employing RHY

Central City Concern, a job training and placement organization that provides six months of paid training in the coffee business to homeless mothers in Portland, Ore., was featured in June 2019 in Oregon Business. The program reports benefits not only for employees—who gain skills, income and confidence—but also for businesses seeking reliable long-term workers. Before developing the program, Central City Concern identified the unique scheduling and workplace needs of mothers experiencing homelessness, and matched these to a specific industry whose structure was a “fit.”

Read the series on business solutions and homelessness at https://www.oregonbusiness.com/article/nonprofit/item/18768-homeless-not-helpless

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