Frequently Asked Questions

What is technical assistance?
RHYTTAC provides tools, resources, and consultation to assist FYSB RHY grantees so they may engage in continuous quality improvement of their services and to build their capacity to effectively serve runaway and homeless youth. Technical assistance (TA) services can include the provision of relevant resources, telephone information and consultation, Zoom consultations, email exchanges, Community of Practice support, and on-site assessment and consultation to address program specific needs. TA may be requested by the grantee, or a Federal Project Officer may request RHYTTAC’s involvement to support a grantee’s efforts.

What are some sample training topics available to RHY grantees?
RHYTTAC provides resources and training topics that cover all of the mandated RHY training topics. In addition, Youth Collaboratory works with FYSB to ensure support around RHY-HMIS, the USICH Framework for Ending Youth Homelessness, the Unaccompanied Youth Intervention Model, Risk and Protective Factors for Youth, and Understanding and Utilizing Evidence-Based Practices. Check the website calendar for upcoming events and resources tab for new opportunities and tools.

Can I get help over the phone or by email?
Yes, contact us directly at 412-399-5747 or at [email protected].

What can grantees do to help improve training and technical assistance?
Although RHYTTAC staff members have done the work and have a tremendous amount of experience, passion, and commitment – every journey is unique. Your voice is important. The team wants to hear from you about your experience as a youth-service agency. What do you feel works well? What do you want more of? What are the successes and strengths that you would like to share with others? What are your biggest needs, challenges, and frustrations? Meeting the diverse needs of more than 600 grantees is an ongoing process of engagement, reflection, and evaluation. You’re encouraged to share an ongoing connection with RHYTTAC to support the positive impact our field can have on youth, families, and communities. Share your thoughts by email at [email protected].

Will RHYTTAC work with state, regional, and national partners?
RHYTTAC hosts quarterly conference calls that include state and national partners. These calls help establish and maintain a constant connection to the good research, practice innovations, and insights from these experts. The calls also provide opportunities to seek out and engage hosts for events, grantee recommendations for efforts, and potential partners for new initiatives.