Frequently Asked Questions

What can grantees do to help improve TTA?

Although our staff have done the work and have a tremendous amount of experience, passion and commitment – we have not walked in your shoes. We want to hear from you about your biggest frustrations, challenges and needs. We also need to hear about your successes and strengths that you would like to share with others. Meeting the diverse needs of more than 400 grantees is an ongoing process of engagement, reflection and evaluation. We hope you will join us in the design, implementation and evaluation of the new RHYTTAC so that we can all share in the positive impact that our field can have on youth, families and communities. Please contact us at to share your thoughts.

Will RHYTTAC work with state, regional and national partners?

Yes. The National Safe Place application for this funding included many state, regional and national partners. Their support during the application phase is appreciated and means more to us than a simple thank you. RHYTTAC will be hosting quarterly conference calls (beginning Spring 2013) that include state and regional partners. These calls will help us stay informed of the good research, practice innovations and insights from these experts. The calls will also serve to help us to seek out and engage hosts for events, grantee recommendations for efforts and potential partners for new initiatives. Our national community of support participants will be involved in the Advisory Board and are part of our plans to provide training resources to you in the future.

What are some of the coming training topics?

RHYTTAC will be posting training resources that cover all of the mandated RHY training topics. We will be working with Family and Youth Services Bureau staff to support new learning around RHYMIS 2.0; the USICH Framework for Ending Youth Homelessness; the Unaccompanied Youth Intervention Model; Risk and Protective Factors for Youth; and, Understanding and Utilizing Evidence-Based Practices. There will also be a focus on creating user-friendly evaluation handbooks that address priority area outcomes for runaway and homeless youth. Check the calendar often for new opportunities.

What is Technical Assistance (TA)?

RHYTTAC provides tools, resources and consultation to assist FYSB RHY grantees so they may engage in continuous quality improvement of their services and to build their capacity to effectively serve runaway and homeless youth. Technical assistance services can include the provision of relevant resources; telephone information and consultation; e-mail exchanges; community of practice support; and, on-site assessment and consultation to address program specific needs. Technical Assistance may be requested by the grantee or a Federal Project Officer may request RHYTTAC’s involvement to support a grantee’s efforts.

Who is the RHY Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) provider?

The Runaway and Homeless Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center (RHYTTAC) is part of the National Safe Place Network of services. National Safe Place has been partnering with local agencies, many of whom are runaway and homeless youth grantees since 1983.  This organization was competitively selected by the Family Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) to provide, tools, technical assistance, training and information on all RHY topics.