2022 Human Trafficking Trainings

We invite you to save these 2022 dates and register for two upcoming human trafficking trainings. Additionally, as a part of this year's series on human trafficking, RHYTTAC will be releasing a technical toolkit in late October on Intervention and Strategies to Respond and Prevent Human Trafficking Among Youth Experiencing Homelessness. This training series and technical toolkit are designed to address needs identified by RHY providers to build their capacity to serve youth impacted by trafficking. To meet this need, this year’s series focuses on culturally responsive and trauma-informed practices, formal and informal assessment tools, and understanding the underlying systemic issues that contribute to the increased risks of trafficking among youth experiencing a housing crisis.

Human Trafficking: Screening and Assessment Tools and Practices for RHY Settings

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022 from 2:00-3:30 PM ET (Virtual Training)

Identifying youth at risk or victims of human trafficking in RHY settings requires programs to use holistic approaches which include formal and informal strategies. This training will discuss existing human trafficking screening and assessment tools and informal practices that organizations can integrate into their programs. Facilitators will highlight promising practices for how programs can build rapport with youth and the importance of working in partnership to meet youth where they are.


  • Build the capacity of RHY programs to identify risk for trafficking among youth experiencing homelessness.
  • Learn about existing human trafficking assessment and screening resources and tools.
  • Integrate formal and informal processes to support, identify, and provide appropriate referrals for youth experiencing homelessness who are also victims of labor or sex trafficking.


  • Julia Einbond, (she/her/hers), Director of the Covenant House Action and Research Tank (CHART), Covenant House New Jersey
  • Amy Boyd, (she/her/hers), Anti-Trafficking Supervisor, Youthworks
  • Megan Lundborg, (she/her/hers), Human Trafficking Survivor Leader Advisor, Youthworks
  • Lauren Humphrey, (she/her/hers), Youth Catalyst Team Member and Girls Action Board Member, Youth Collaboratory

Culturally Responsive Practices for Youth Experiencing Homelessness, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking

Date: To Be Announced (Virtual Training)

Youth from underserved populations are overrepresented among youth experiencing homelessness and those engaged in exploitation and human trafficking. This training will focus on implementing culturally responsive and trauma-informed practices to help create safe spaces and engage with youth and young adults from underserved populations to minimize risks of human trafficking and provide them with supportive services.


  • Integrate culturally responsive and trauma-informed approaches to create safe spaces in RHY settings.
  • Understand systemic issues contributing to human trafficking and youth homelessness among vulnerable youth.
  • Implement culturally appropriate strategies within RHY programs to address potential human trafficking incidents and support youth from underserved populations.

More information on this event is coming soon.

This series is intended for RHY Grantees and is not open to the public. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]