2021 RHY National Grantee Training
Youth & Young Adult Artistic Expression Display

Youth and young adults (YYA) are invited to express their authentic voice, passion, interests, and experiences through an Artistic Expression Display during the 2021 Runaway and Homeless Youth National Grantee Training - November 16-18, 2021For the purposes of this event, Youth and Young Adults are anyone under 26 years of age and may include participants or recent alumni of RHY programs or other youth-serving programs.

This is an opportunity for YYA to share about a topic or experience through visual/spoken word/audio, that evokes the power of their unique thoughts and feelings related to this year’s event theme - Brighter Futures: Strengthening Pathways for Youth Success. Members of the Youth Catalyst Team will review and select submissions to highlight YYA expressions and peer-to-peer discussion surrounding stories that are compelling, thought-provoking, creative, and utilize multiple mediums. Select entries will be highlighted and acknowledged by FYSB for their meaning and creativity of the design/story and the connection to the theme. YYA will be compensated for their artistic contributions to the National Training. Check out examples from our 2019 National Training.

Because this is a virtual event, your display will be accessible during the Welcome Reception and throughout the National Training to at least 1,200 participants. We invite you to attend the Welcome Reception on Monday, November 15th from 12-1 PM ET. Members of the Youth Catalyst Team will be present to engage with YYA about their submissions. YYA may be asked to be available to answer questions from attendees and/or make live presentations.

RHYTTAC will provide training to all YYA on how to use Hopin, our virtual event platform, a few days prior to the National Training. Real-time support and troubleshooting will also be available during the event.

The deadline has been extended! YYA Artistic Expression Display forms and materials must be received by October 18, 2021.

In order to build your display, RHYTTAC requests you provide the following information by completing the YYA Artistic Expression Display information request form. This form will be used to collect the following information for your booth:

  1. Title - However you want your Artistic Expression Display to be identified. (This can be the title of your story/presentation/slideshow, the name of your organization, or your name.)
  2. Headline - Please include a brief, one sentence description of your display in under 70 characters.
  3. Description - What you want attendees to know about your project/story/topic in under 700 characters.
  4. Website or social media URL - For organization/company/creator/project.
  5. Contact name - For event communication.
  6. Contact email address - For event communication.
  7. Contact phone number - For event communication.
  8. Artist’s Bio - Please provide a few sentences about yourself (50 words max).
  9. Project or Organization Name – If you are connected to a project or organization.
  10. FYSB formal recognition – All entries will be displayed during the event. Check “yes” to be reviewed and considered for formal FYSB recognition during the event on the categories of meaning and creativity of the design/story and the connection to the theme.

Optional items:

11. Logo or image - For the best appearance, use a transparent image file and a round circle if possible. Dimensions: 1080 x 1080 px.
12. Background image - This image is displayed underneath the logo and headline that you see when viewing the list of displays. Dimensions: 1500 x 750 px.
13. Submission link or file - Link to final video/presentation/slideshow (no more than 90 seconds is recommended) or image(s) of your project or story. You may consider using the following platforms: YouTube Video, Vimeo, Wistia, or Google Slides (Published Google Slides URL). If you are unable to host your submission via URL, please upload your file below (max 5MB) and we will host it for you.
14. Call to Action Button
a. Label/text displayed on call to action button. Examples: Learn more, Visit Our Website, Take Action, Follow Me. Max 26 characters.
b. Link/URL destination when button is clicked - Website, social media page.


YYA Artistic Expression Display Form


Submission Deadline

The deadline has been extended! YYA Artistic Expression Display forms and materials must be received by October 18, 2021.

If you have any questions about submitting a YYA Artistic Expression Display for the National Training, please contact Martina Kavanagh at [email protected].

Additional Information

What kind of video content/photos/images/artwork should be used?

Still images may come in the form of photographs or artwork. You may also wish to use video clips/graphics/animations that can help tell your story and connect with viewers. You can choose imagery that helps emotionally express your lived experience or share your unique thoughts and feelings related to this year’s event theme - Brighter Futures: Strengthening Pathways for Youth Success. For example, imagery might include photos or art featuring a meaningful theme or a medium that allows you to describe your story and/or convey your feelings, as long as they follow the guidelines below.  

RHYTTAC will be reviewing all content for relevancy and will not include any offensive or explicit content. Content containing the following will be prohibited from YYA Artistic Expression Displays - Content that:

  • incites hatred, or promotes discrimination
  • harasses, intimidates, or bullies
  • threatens or advocates for physical or mental harm on oneself or others
  • seeks to exploit others
  • contains explicit sexual themes
  • is shocking, violent, or obscene
  • includes partisan themes

If a story contains content or themes that may be considered sensitive to some audiences, please add a warning.

Please be mindful not to share images/video/audio content of individuals without their prior consent. Persons shown in photographs or video content are subject to promotional use by RHYTTAC.

YYA agree that the material they submit may be shared with attribution for marketing purposes, including in news releases, advertisements, email marketing campaigns, media coverage, websites and any other promotional or educational materials compiled by RHYTTAC.

What supportive text should be used?
When creating your artistic display, we encourage you to include descriptive text and/or recorded audio to serve as your narrative to support your visual imagery. Because this is an “expression” display, your submission should include both visual imagery and narrative.

How long should my display submission be?

You are welcome to submit one image with descriptive text and/or recorded audio or you may also submit a short digital video presentation/slideshow using multiple forms of supportive imagery (audio/video/still images). We do request that no matter how much content you choose to use your submission be no more than 90 seconds long.