Note to all RHY Grantees: The e-learning resource is a Federally funded training portal for employees that are working within RHY funded services. By definition, this means staff members that are included within Federal grant budgets that have been approved.  Unfortunately, RHYTTAC cannot approve subscriptions for all staff of organizations. For example, your organization may have 70 staff. Of those staff, 22 receive all or some part of their salaries from RHY funding or are identified within the approved grant as their time being utilized as match. Your organization would be eligible for 22 e-learning slots. Please double check your approved RHY grant(s) budget (s) prior to requesting slots for employees other than yourself. If you know you serve as an RHY staff and are so funded, you are welcome to enroll as an individual. If there are concerns, RHYTTAC staff can check the grant budgets to confirm the allottment. Many thanks and we hope you enjoy RHYTTAC e-learning.

RHYTTAC e-Learning is a web-based application containing training documents, power points, and recorded webinar trainings. You can take a course at your own pace anywhere you have internet access. No software is installed on your computer, but there are recommended system requirements and browser settings for optimal use of this system. To check if your computer meets the system requirements, go to the RHYTTAC e-Learning site and click on “click here to check your system requirements.”

System Requirements

  • Internet connectivity, broadband recommended
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher is officially supported. Firefox 3.0 and higher, Safari 3.0 and higher, and Google Chrome 1.0 and higher will function properly but are not officially supported due to the increased level of Quality Assurance required.
  • Adobe Flash Version 7.0 or higher
  • Adobe Reader Version 9.0 or higher
  • CPU 1GHz or higher recommended and 512 MB RAM or higher recommended
  • Courses are designed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher. Lower resolutions may be used but may require scrolling.

Browser Settings

  • Enable Javascript
  • Set your browser to accept cookies
  • Set your browser to allow pop-ups

How to Sign Up for RHYTTAC E-Learning

Step 1: Set your e-mail program and spam filter to accept mail from essentiallearning.com.

Step 2: Fill out and submit the registration form. You will receive an e-mail confirmation within 72 hours after verification of information.  If you have taken a course within the previous six months and have forgotten your log in information, retrieve it here.

How to Sign Up for a Course

Step 1: Click on the “Find Courses” tab.

Step 2: Press the “Search” button to see all of the courses available. To search specific courses, enter the search terms, categories or accreditations you are looking for and then click the green arrow.

Step 3: Select “Enroll Now” next to the course you wish to take. You will receive an e-mail confirming your enrollment.

Step 4: Click "Home" and you will now be able to click on the course to access it.